E. Werner Reschke for Oregon State Representative, HD 56

Pro Life • Pro 2nd Amendment • Pro Business • Pro Agriculture • Your LIBERTY First

Why This Election is Important

Voters_pamphlet_2018It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative in the Oregon House of Representatives for the past two years. My goal is to give southern Klamath & Lake Counties a strong voice in Salem and to promote rural Oregon values.

I am pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-second amendment, pro-small business, pro-hydropower and pro-agriculture. I have been nominated to represent the Republican Party of Oregon, the Independent Party of Oregon and the Oregon Libertarian Party for the general election in November.

These are not merely words but are backed up by the fact that I am the only candidate in my race to have received numerous endorsements from associations such as Oregon Right To Life, the NRA, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Home Builders Association, Oregon Chiefs of Police, Oregon Sheriffs Association, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon and the Nation Federation of Independent Businesses. 

Furthermore, during my first term I earned The Conservative Union’s highest award for my voting record in the Oregon House of Representatives. I was able to successfully help defeat devastating bills like Cap & Trade and newly proposed agricultural water taxes. I worked across the aisle with Democrats to secure nearly $50 million for Oregon Tech and Klamath Community College. I helped the Red Rock Biofuels project in Lakeview receive tax-free bonding status for over $200 million in bonds.

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Guide to State Ballot Measures

There are five statewide ballot measures this November. I have been asked several times how I will be voting on these, so on the following page is a description of each ballot measure and my quick analysis to help clarify what a yes or no vote means. Click to learn more about Ballot Measures 102, 103, 104 105 & 106.

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The Real Cost of Marijuana

No on Measure 18-112, Klamath FallsYou probably have been told about the wonderful things that could happen in Klamath Falls if the people would vote to “lift the ban” on the recreational retail sale of marijuana. At first blush, the idea may actually sound good — expanding liberty (letting people choose for themselves) and adding revenue to our budget-strapped schools and law enforcement. However, retail marijuana is a short-term band-aid to address serious budgeting issues.

Before lifting this ban, be sure to understand all the facts, costs and consequences.

First, if marijuana is made more readily available through legalized retail locations in Klamath Falls, will marijuana use increase or decrease? The answer is obvious: marijuana use in Klamath Falls will increase. This also includes an unhealthy increase by underage teenagers and children. Such an unhealthy increase risks a decline in graduation rates and is not helpful in building a more vibrant and resilient community.

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Endorsements & Awards

Endorsements & Awards

Endorsements show who stands behind my candidacy. Awards exhibit excellence in my work. Therefore I am proud to have received several prestigious endorsements for the November 2018 election. Moreover, I was the recipient of the Conservative Excellence Award from The Conservative Union for my work in the legislature during the 2017 session. Finally I will be representing three great parties this year as I have been nominated as the candidate of the Republican, Libertarian and Independent Parties of Oregon.

Endorsements & Awards

Opposition to Klamath River Dam Removal

July 5, 2018

To: Chris Stein, Hydroelectric Specialist
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
165 E Seventh Avenue Eugene, OR 97401

I stand in firm opposition to dam removal along the Klamath River. For multiple generations these dams have provided exemplary flood control, and abundance of clean, renewable, reliable and affordable power for the region, in addition to recreational enjoyment. I understand DEQ is only asking for comment on the JC Boyle Dam which sits within Oregon’s borders, however, the proposal is to remove four dams along the Klamath River. Discussing removal of one dam outside the scope of the entire project leads to false assumptions and incorrect conclusions about the overall impact to the environment and Oregonians.

You will no doubt hear and read a wide array of reasons opposing dam removal along the Klamath River. My comments will focus on three areas: dam sediment, surface flushing and public opinion.

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Primary Victory!


A special thank you to all who voted for me in the May 2018 primary. It is my honor to serve you. I will continue to focus on the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as I work on legislation to benefit all Oregonians. Now to prepare for the General Election in November. Thank you for your support and God Bless Oregon.

Special Session: Political Theater

2018 Special Session, OregonThe Governor has called a special session of the Oregon legislature for the week of May 21st. According to the Governor, the purpose of this special session is to pass one bill which will address an “obvious inequity in Oregon’s tax system”. With the changes to the Federal Tax code passed by President Trump in 2018, Oregon’s state taxes automatically connect to Trump's new deduction. However, in February, State Democrats led the charge to reject those automatic tax breaks for Oregon’s small businesses and to keep Oregon's previous state tax code.

The difference for Oregon’s small businesses, between the State accepting the code from the Trump tax plan and remaining with Oregon’s previous tax code, is over $1 billion during the next five years. A $1 billion cash flow infusion that was intended for the pockets of Oregon’s entrepreneurs and Etsy moms will now go to the State of Oregon, which already collects a record amount of revenue. Salem’s tax and spend politicians are elated.

The Governor’s call for a special session will only grant approximately 12,000 of Oregon’s 260,000 smallest businesses a tax break. Sole proprietors with at least 1 full time employee will see a reduction in rates. That’s it.

This “simple fix” could have easily been accomplished when the Oregon Legislature met in February. What the Governor calls a special session, I call an election year political stunt. The Governor and Democrat leadership who stripped $1 billion from Oregon’s small businesses in February now want to give less than 5% of those same businesses a tax cut in order to claim the Governor is a friend to small businesses.

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Our First Amendment Rights Depend on the Second

Constitutional Convention

The tragic deaths of 17 students at a Parkland, Florida high school is a grim reality we must all face. Besides the obvious tragedy, once again this mass-shooting brings up political rhetoric claiming guns are bad, therefore guns should be banned. The idea of keeping children safe while at school is one in which all Americans can agree. However, banning guns from law abiding citizens runs contrary to a foundational principle that as Americans we have a natural right to protect ourselves — in other words, the right to bear arms.

A month later after the Parkland shooting, #MarchForOurLives protests took place in several cities across the United States. Organized and funded by Left-wing groups, students took to the streets in anger against our current gun laws, including the Second Amendment.

While the #MarchForOurLives demonstration was bold and loud, their message was muddled and unclear. Now many are rushing to fill in the blanks: from requiring more background checks to eliminating the Second Amendment, as former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently said. While there may be some room for improvement in background checks, the idea of eliminating the Second Amendment is dangerous and gaining support. In Oregon this idea manifests itself as Oregon IP 43, which requires the surrender or registration of all “assault” weapons and limits the size of magazines. Let me ask, will such a mass-gun registration stop any violent crime? Of course not, but the registration of guns is not for that purpose. The only reason for gun registration is so the State knows who owns guns. The only practical reason for that knowledge is that IP 43 is Step-1 of a two-step program. Step-2 is the confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens: first the State must know where all the guns are before they can confiscate them. Otherwise, learning such information is more bureaucratic busy-work with no real public benefit.

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SB 1528 - Floor Speech

Representative E. Werner Reschke on House Floor

The following is the speech I gave on the Floor of the House of Representatives on March 2, 2018 to stand up for small businesses in Oregon.

SB 1528 effectively eliminates the tax benefits from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill passed in Congress. SB 1528 takes those dollars intended to boost small business and slurps them up into the State Treasury. As long as liberal Democrats run this state, there will never be enough of your money in their pockets.


SB 1528

Thank you Madam Speaker. To the Bill.

Madam Speaker I have two words to summarize this bill — to describe why I will be a No on SB 1528. Those two words are “Cash Flow”. When it comes to Small Business, Cash Flow is King.

Most small businesses in Oregon are not made of wealthy attorneys or medical professions. Statistics from the Oregon Department of Revenue tell us that these over 300,000 small Oregon businesses — who will be negatively effected by SB 1528 — are made up of just one, or a few, individuals and average a gross income of less than $50,000/year. These are mostly home-based businesses — for example mom’s who sell their crafts on Etsy or EBay to help make ends meet; Uber drivers and freelance writers.

Many of Oregon’s small businesses are entrepreneurs who have walked away from the golden chains of corporate America and are trying something new in order to make a better life for themselves and their families. Let us not forget part of the American dream is to invent something new, or to build something better — in a way never done before — in order to improve lives and build a secure financial future. This ingenuity and work ethic is what has helped make America great.

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