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SB 1528 - Floor Speech

Representative E. Werner Reschke on House Floor

The following is the speech I gave on the Floor of the House of Representatives on March 2, 2018 to stand up for small businesses in Oregon.

SB 1528 effectively eliminates the tax benefits from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill passed in Congress. SB 1528 takes those dollars intended to boost small business and slurps them up into the State Treasury. As long as liberal Democrats run this state, there will never be enough of your money in their pockets.


SB 1528

Thank you Madam Speaker. To the Bill.

Madam Speaker I have two words to summarize this bill — to describe why I will be a No on SB 1528. Those two words are “Cash Flow”. When it comes to Small Business, Cash Flow is King.

Most small businesses in Oregon are not made of wealthy attorneys or medical professions. Statistics from the Oregon Department of Revenue tell us that these over 300,000 small Oregon businesses — who will be negatively effected by SB 1528 — are made up of just one, or a few, individuals and average a gross income of less than $50,000/year. These are mostly home-based businesses — for example mom’s who sell their crafts on Etsy or EBay to help make ends meet; Uber drivers and freelance writers.

Many of Oregon’s small businesses are entrepreneurs who have walked away from the golden chains of corporate America and are trying something new in order to make a better life for themselves and their families. Let us not forget part of the American dream is to invent something new, or to build something better — in a way never done before — in order to improve lives and build a secure financial future. This ingenuity and work ethic is what has helped make America great.

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