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My Values

We are a nation whose calling card is individual sovereignty, not government authoritarianism. Our founders believed that each person has the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are endowed to us not by family lineage, the traditions of men or by government. These rights are woven into our very fabric by God the Creator. It is therefore each citizen’s duty to remind government of this fact — that there is a higher power than government — and demand that government fulfill its primary obligation which is to protect our natural rights, not usurp them.

The government which governs best governs least. Your LIBERTY First!

Today, this is sadly not the case. From the Federal, to the State, to the County/Municipal levels, every government agency therein desires to tell you how you must live your life, what and when products are acceptable for purchase, what type of energy is best to use, what types of health services are approved, and what is good and acceptable for the community.

Our main problem with government today is Administrative Rule, where government agencies have eliminated the American system of checks and balances. These agencies write rules & regulations (legislative), execute those laws (executive), and arbitrate (judicial) any disputes about their laws. All of these powers reside within the agency itself with no direct accountability to the people. Wrongly, these administrative agencies are loyal and accountable only to government.

I ask you to join me in breaking apart the Administrative Rule juggernaut. Please consider helping by donating to my campaign, writing letters of encouragement and praying for strength to win this election and the courage to step into the belly of the beast. My goal is not to become popular in Salem, but to dismantle the machinery of Administrative Rule which takes away our freedoms a little more every day.

I will stand for our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I will champion equality under the law, and not laws that are made on behalf of special interest groups. In the end, the less money that goes to Salem and the fewer administrative agencies with rule making power, means victory for the people of House District 56 and all of Oregon. Join me today.

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