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Apr 4, 2020 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Trump Co-Chairs, Barreto, Breese-Iverson, Reschke

Rep. Greg Barreto
Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson 
Rep. E. Werner Reschke

For Immediate Release, April 4th, 2020

La Grande, ORE. – Today, the Oregon Republican Co-Campaign Chair for President Donald Trump re-election campaign, Repre- sentative Greg Barreto praised the President for the Paycheck Pro- tection program.

“As a manufacturer, small business owner and an employer of many people in Northeast Oregon, these swift actions by Presi- dent Trump is a lifeline for many companies across Oregon.” Said Representative Greg Barreto, owner of Barreto Manufacturing.

The Paycheck Protection Program is now up and running, offering nearly $350 billion in forgivable loans to keep companies opera- tional and their workers employed. If eligible businesses and or- ganizations retain their full staff and payroll – and use their loan proceeds on payroll and other eligible expenses – their loan will be 100% forgiven.

Co-Chair Rep. E. Werner Reschke of Klamath Falls, echoed the remarks, “Small business is the backbone of Klamath Falls and all of Oregon’s economy. The President has put them front and cen- ter with this response effort and I could not be pleased more.”

The administration believes that if you are a small business, you are a critical part of the economic fabric of this country and the state of Oregon. The Co-Chairs only wish the Governor of Oregon held the same belief.

“Governor Brown has done nothing for small business, except shut them down. We have been asking for a pause in the corporate activities tax (CAT) at least through the 2nd quarter. We are try- ing to fight to keep our small businesses open and the only one helping Oregonians today is President Trump ” said Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson, Prineville.




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