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Sep 19, 2016 — by: PR
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Klamath Falls, OR — The Taxpayer Association of Oregon has endorsed E. Werner Reschke for State Representative. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon is one of the lead organizations fighting against Ballot Measure 97, a proposed $3 billion/year sales tax on Oregon’s most successful businesses.

In response to the endorsement, Mr. Reschke said,

“From the moment I first learned about Ballot Measure 97 I was opposed to the idea of yet another tax on Oregon businesses. As a business owner I know Ballot Measure 97 is exactly the wrong thing to do in order to create an environment where Oregon businesses can succeed and therefore create more jobs for Oregonians. The problem in Salem is not on the revenue side of the ledger but on the cost and spending side. This ballot measure does nothing to address the root cause to Salem’s fiscal problems. Instead Ballot Measure 97 only encourages more tax-and-spend behavior.

Therefore, it is a high honor to be the only candidate in my race to be endorsed by the Taxpayer Association of Oregon in this fight against Ballot Measure 97.”

E. Werner Reschke’s campaign theme is “Your LIBERTY First.” Werner commits to view every policy and legislation based on whether it infringes or promotes our liberty.

“Without liberty there cannot be prosperity for all.” Mr. Reschke said.

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