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Aug 1, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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A principle the Founders used in forming our great nation was “equality for all, special privilege for none.” King George was well known for his favoritism towards the well connected in Britain at the expense of the colonists in America. When forming a new government the Founders wanted to ensure such favoritism in government was eliminated. However, we have strayed far from this founding principle. Obamacare is a modern day example. Nearly 2,000 pages granting hierarchy of special privileges.

Another example, more close to home, is the KBRA, KHSA and other associated hydro-electric power plant (dam) removal plans. While hydro-power provides consistent (24/7/365), affordable power for everyone, the Democrat led Oregon Legislature, Obama Administration and local allies seek to change all that. Their energy policy seeks to significantly reduce hydro-power and coal-power, replacing it with green power. The end result will be a remarkable increase our electric rates. But fear not, if your use of electricity falls within a government approved special class then you will not have to pay full price like everyone else — a special privilege.

Does this Democrat energy policy follow the Founders “equality for all and special privilege for none” principle? Absolutely not. Will this new energy policy reduce Oregon’s carbon footprint? Absolutely not. Will this new energy policy enhance government power by transferring wealth from all of us to the government and government approved special groups? Absolutely.

One of Oregon’s distinct economic advantages is our ability to produce abundant, low-cost power. However, this Democrat led energy policy seeks to eliminate that advantage in order to transfer more power to the government class. This is the exact opposite of the Founders intent. 

As your State Representative I will advocate keeping hydro-power plants on the Klamath river — equality for all, special privilege for none.

E. Werner Reschke
Republican Nominee, State Representative #56.



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