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May 3, 2016 — by: PR
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May 2, 2016
Gin Reschke
For Immediate Release

Klamath Falls, OR — State Representative Gail Whitsett has written a letter of endorsement for Republican Candidate E. Werrner Reschke. The following endorsement was sent to Reschke’s campaign:

After having worked at the Oregon Legislature for 12 years, serving for two of those terms, it is clear that those who represent rural Oregon need to be willing to have solid  fiscal and social conservative values to offset the extremely liberal progressive socialist agenda of the majority Democrat party. From my own experience, I have found that the majority party leaders respect those who come to Salem and represent their constituencies, and who speak with loud, strong voices and vote accordingly. Those who will represent the Eastern Oregon Counties should possess the following abilities: stand firm for what they believe; be unyielding in their beliefs that private property and water rights are paramount to the people – not the state; fight every day for the rural way of life; not succumb to altering laws on drugs, demand that their rural schools, community colleges and universities be included equally in the state budget; work toward the goals of agriculture and small businesses being treated fairly and try to remove the myriad of over regulation which is strangling our small town economies.

We must fight daily to be included in the transportation dollars that improve our rural roads and bridges. “Compromising” achieves only one thing in Salem – it allows the Democrat majority to prevail and allows most of our tax dollars to flow into the major metropolitan areas. Those politicians who have “compromised” have now allowed our hydroelectric energy systems to be endangered and our electric rates will increase about $200 per year/per household. Those who want to “compromise” also want to remove our hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River.

This job is hard, time-consuming, and is definitely not for a political retiree. We travel about 20,000 miles per year for the job and often spend 12 hours a day working to represent the people. Communication is paramount and the desire to have your name in the phone book and be available to your constituents 24/7 is necessary – the people must be able to reach you with their problems. Your life becomes that of “the people”.

Eastern Oregon needs to continue the tradition of electing stalwart individuals, who are constitutional conservatives and are willing to fight for our remaining rights in Salem. In my opinion, there is only one person running for the Oregon House of Representatives District 56 that will stand for ALL of your God-given rights, who is endorsed by Oregon’s premiere 2nd Amendment group, the Oregon Firearms Federation and Oregon’s Right to Life organization, the one who pledges not to raise your taxes, nor “compromise” with those who will leave rural Oregon as second class citizens. His name is E. Werner Reschke and he is running as the Republican candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives District 56.

In response to the endorsement Mr. Reschke said,

“It is a honor to receive this strong endorsement from Representative Whitsett. Representative Whitsett has an intimate knowledge of the people in this district and how best to represent them in Salem. Last year she received a scorecard of 94% from the American Conservative Union — the highest score for any Oregon Representative. I aim to meet or beat that score to promote and protect the rural values and way of life that made this area great.”

E. Werner Reschke’s campaign theme is “Your Liberty First.” This is how Werner promises to view every policy and legislation — does it infringe or promote our liberty.

“Without liberty there cannot be prosperity for all.” Mr. Reschke said.

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