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Apr 19, 2016 — by: PR
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Klamath Falls, OR — Two former Klamath County Republican Central Committee Chairmen have endorsed local businessman and former Klamath County Chamber Board member Werner Reschke for State Representative.

The following endorsements were sent to Reschke’s campaign:

“I trust Werner Reschke because he has proven his true conservative nature with actions beyond only words. Werner will represent us well by standing for limited government and fiscal responsibility in Salem.”

—Earl Wessel, Klamath County Republican Central Committee Chairman (2012-2014)


"I know Werner Reschke personally and enthusiastically endorse him for the position of Oregon State Representative for District 56. Werner will be the most reliable vote for fiscally responsible government and he'll fight for state policies that will grow our private sector economy.

—Jeff Woodwick, Klamath County Republican Central Committee Chairman (2008-2012)

In response to the endorsements, Mr. Reschke said,

“Both of these Chairmen have volunteered their time to the Republican party while working a full time job. These men are not career politicians, but businessman and community leaders who understand the value of a Representative who will work to protect them and their families from an ever-growing, ever-encroaching government.”

E. Werner Reschke’s campaign theme is “Your Liberty First.” Werner promises to view every policy and legislation based on whether it infringes or promotes our liberty.

“Without liberty there cannot be prosperity for all.” Mr. Reschke said.

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