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Mar 29, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Why do Dams drive liberals crazy? It seems whenever there is something good for the people at large, that is what the liberals want to destroy.

Why attack the dams on the Klamath River? They provide a clean source of renewable power that is affordable. Farmers, ranchers and everyone else in the region can keep their cost of living to a minimum. What’s wrong with that?

This issue is bigger than environmentalists simply resisting dams. The fundamental reason for dam removal is an important tenant of liberal theology. The driver behind the dam removal plans is to make Americans poor. We have seen this with the Obama Administration’s environmental agenda over the past seven years. Every possible form of affordable energy is being attacked and shut down. In its place we are told “clean energy” (solar and wind power) will be the replacement. However, solar and wind power sources are far less efficient than traditional energy sources making the cost per kilowatt higher. This translates into everyone paying higher prices for electricity. Furthermore, how does clean energy provide consistent power at night with no sun, or days with no wind? These are reasonable questions. 

Historically America has enjoyed an abundance of cheap power. This has given us a tremendous advantage to producing food, manufactured goods, etc., compared to the rest of the world. Moreover, everyone who lives here enjoys the benefits of abundant, affordable power. This allows us to keep our hard earned cash in our pockets, rather than spending excessive amounts for basic necessities such as heat and lights in cold winters.

This is a classic liberal tactic: Artificially create a problem and then solve it with a government program. As more and more Americans struggle to make ends meet due to soaring energy costs consuming their limited earnings, liberals deceive us by creating costly government programs to meet needs. These liberals try to offset the higher energy costs that were caused by their policies in the first place! This leads to a great problem. Once victims take a government hand-out, the government controls them. Freedom is lost.

This is why I stand against removing the dams on the Klamath River. We the people, must demand Pacific Power, Sacramento and Salem be hard at work to improve hydro-electric power, not eliminate it. Hydro-electric power is the cleanest, the most affordable source of electricity for people in this area. 

I stand for an energy policy that puts rate payers first, and environmental extremists and liberal policies last.



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