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Nov 2, 2016 — by: PR
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Off-logoKlamath Falls, OR — E. Werner Reschke is proud to receive the endorsement from the Oregon Firearms Federation PAC for State Representative. As an NRA member, Werner is delighted to win the support from Oregon’s leading 2nd Amendment rights organization.

“Werner Reschke is exactly who we need in Salem to protect our gun rights. He will stand firm to ensure our 2nd Amendment rights are not further attacked and work to restore the rights we have lost under one party rule.”

—Kevin Startett, Director Oregon Firearms Federation PAC

E. Werner Reschke’s campaign theme is “Your LIBERTY First.” Werner commits to view every policy and legislation based on whether it infringes upon or promotes our liberty.

“Without liberty there cannot be prosperity for all.” Mr. Reschke said.

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